International Internal Audit Conference 2018.

The European Confederation of Institutes of Internal Auditing (ECIIA) appointed the Institute of Internal Auditors of Spain to organize its annual conference in 2018. The event was held in Madrid from October 3 to 5, with the attendance of nearly a thousand internal auditors from all over the world. The topics discussed this year were, […]

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XXII Internal Audit Conference 2017. Madrid

During November 16th and 17th the XXII Internal Audit Conference was held at Ifema, organized by the Institute of Internal Auditors of Spain, under the motto “Unpacking Ideas”, the most important meeting for internal auditors in our country. This year’s motto has been based on the fact that we all have skills and some kind […]

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Magazine of the Institute of Internal Auditors: External Service of Contracts and Expenses Audit

Madrid, November 24th 2017 In the magazine of the Institute of Internal Auditors of Spain in its November 2017 issue, there is an article on the presentation given by David Hernández, as Partner of ACFYD Análisis, on the external service of the audit of contracts and expenses and Luis Mesa, Director of Internal Audit of […]

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Madrid June 26th 2017 David Hernández, founding partner of ACFYD Análisis, presents the services provided to clients, as a company specialized in the audit of contracts and expenses. He shares the presentation with, Luis Mesa, responsible of internal audit for Cortefiel Group, explaining his experience as a client of ACFYD Analysis and its benefits. The […]

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ACFYD Audit Recovery Services find hidden benefits to all clients.

  EL ECONOMISTA interviews Iker Espel and David Hernández, executives of ACFYD Analisis. We present to the general public the services we provide to our clients, as a company specialized in the audit of contracts and expenses. We base our work on the BIG DATA and on the exhaustive review of the business relationships of […]

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Interview with Iker Espel partner of ACFYD ANALYSIS. 5 Días – Supplement Economics & Company.

On January 26, 2016, ACFYD Analysis was present in the journal E & E, supplement of 5 Días, through an interesting interview. The text discusses the work of the company in the current background. In ACFYD ANALYSIS we operate, complementing the internal audit departments of the top companies, for the detection of incorrect processes, its […]

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