XXII Internal Audit Conference 2017. Madrid

During November 16th and 17th the XXII Internal Audit Conference was held at Ifema, organized by the Institute of Internal Auditors of Spain, under the motto “Unpacking Ideas”, the most important meeting for internal auditors in our country.

This year’s motto has been based on the fact that we all have skills and some kind of talent; therefore, if we share our most valuable ideas, we will enrich our environment as we grow with the contributions of others.

Among the speakers we heard Álvaro Garnica Sainz de los Terreros, Head of the Audit Department of the Division of Financial Control and Audits of the General Defense Intervention. Mark Carawan, Chief Compliance Officer Citigroup and Richard Chambers President and CEO Global Institute of Internal Auditors.

The event has been shown as a great meeting of professionals in the audit sector. ACFYD Analysis as an auditing company was the main sponsor of the event, since its main activity is the audit of contracts and expenses, a very common source of risks and business incidents. ACFYD Analysis complements the work done by the internal audit departments of its clients, collaborating with them in improving results and processes.

Video IAI 2017