ACFYD ANÁLISIS has developed a catalog of audit services with the sole purpose of generating returns for its customers, ensuring 100% control over those areas that the day-to-day operations cannot reach.

Our company’s customers are guaranteed control over closed fiscal years, which allows them to generate a significant extraordinary profit at zero cost. Our fees are linked to successful results.

The audit focuses on the most relevant expense accounts, performing thorough checks on items with the highest probability of generating incidents:

Of a contractual nature

    Rebates and outliers
    – Non-application of terms and conditions.
    – Incorrect interpretation of terms and conditions.
    – Determining the correct application base.

    – Cost analysis: Reconstruction of prices according to the agreed terms and conditions.
    – Prices and promotions: Application of prices throughout the agreed periods.
    – Merchandise returns.
    – Adjustments and updates of prices linked to indices or regulated tariffs.

Of an administrative nature

    – Duplication: of payments or vendor invoices.
    – Incorrect booking of refunds.
    – Balance reconciliations.
    – Management of receivables carried over to losses.

Of a fiscal nature

    – Taxes: VAT, IGIC (Canary Islands special tax), Special Taxes.
    – Social Security for which the company is responsible.

Tailored services

    Depending on the client’s specific needs, we develop projects to analyze specific areas,
    mutually agreeing on the specific parameters over which the action will be implemented.

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