We adapt to our customer’s structure to provide the best possible service. Our auditing processes are customized for each client, and therefore our services are as unique as our customers.

ACFYD´s computer and analysis tools work in real time, over large volumes of information, thereby enabling us to adopt a dynamic control over the data processed to subsequently apply our work methodology in accordance with the following diagram.

Definition of the scope of the analysis

As the starting point of our introduction, ACFYD ANÁLISIS agrees with the client upon the terms and conditions for the collaboration:
– Companies, areas, departments over which the study will be performed.
– Fiscal years for which the project will be implemented.
– And it establishes also, the remuneration system of the recovery, applying The Best Recipe in each case.

Implementation of the audit

ACFYD ANÁLISIS’s team carries out a thorough study of the customer’s internal procedures, analyzing all circuits (negotiation, billing, goods, accounting-payments) with the aim of detecting weaknesses in each area.

Validation with the customer

The team also collects all the information necessary for the analysis (both physical information and computer systems). This step minimizes the necessary support time from the client once the project in underway.

Getting results

As a result of the implementation of the work methodology developed, ACFYD ANÁLISIS discusses with suppliers/creditors whatever differences have been detected and validated by the client according to the diagram below:
Detecting – Validating – Recovery – Getting results

Customized reports

Drafting of monitoring reports of the project that enable the customer to:
– Understand the nature of the errors.
– Implement corrective solutions.
– Improve the work procedures.

Implementation of improvements

Upon request from the client and as a supplementary service to the project we can develop
actions aimed at minimizing the risks identified.

ACFYD´s Commitment

ACFYD Commitment is the hallmark of our service and our way of understanding the work done, always close to our customers.

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