ACFYD Analytics

ACFYD tools for Analytic Intelligence:

Conversion of the data acquired using different tools or using mass data imports depending on our customer’s needs.

Processing and intelligent analysis of billions of data, in very little time, transforming this information into a competitive source.

Study and creation of data maps, generating an exclusive DataWareHouse for our audits.

Our Software (COBRA©) is a sophisticated computer tool for analysis based on complex mathematical algorithms for processing data with quantitative methods, and using and managing the information audited.

High capacity servers for intelligent analysis of data, with an average volume per project of over 200 GB in each machine.

Information security following security standards required by Organic Law 15/1999 on Data Protection and Royal Decree 1720/2007 and the Code for the management of information security (ISO 17-799). Encryption and deletion programs that comply with the requirements of these regulations.

R+D+i ACFYD: Constantly searching for and developing new resources (areas, software, IT auditor training, new algorithms for analysis, etc…) to further enhance our audits.

IT HR: Highly qualified programmers and managers additionally trained for working in the management of information technology services.

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